Hi. I'm Ankita Gautam.

I am a keen observer, dedicated user centric designer and
usually a fun loving person to be with.

A firm believer in practicing design process for innovation, my greatest source of inspiration is contextual behavior of users while interacting with their environment.

My Design Philosophy

I design interfaces based on user's context.

I am very methodical in my design process and I derive inspirations from user's natural environment.


Literature study, user research, competitor and market analysis


doodling, iterative concepts


Wireframes, lo-fidelity and hi fideliety prototype development


Concept validation, usability testing,
user testing

Collection of my work

Work varies from Usability studies to designing Tangible User Interfaces.

Design Exercise
Buying Cosmetics on Mobile

Tangible Interfaces
Expressive Communication

Mobile based Applications
for Educational Learning

Interaction Design
for a handheld operating device

Usability Experiement
Reading Experiences on Mobiles

Graphics and Videos


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